Buyers & Borrowers

Buying a home

Purchasing a home is usually the largest financial transaction most people will make. Issues can arise at all stages of the home buying process. We understand that you will likely have several questions at each step of the process.  At Adair & Baker, we have the experience to guide you through every step of the closing process, in order to help protect your investment and address your concerns.

Transparent and fair pricing are the hallmarks of our Firm.

Lenders typically do not require a survey to close. However, we highly recommend that you have a survey done before you close, so that you are made aware of any issues that may exist regarding boundary issues, easements, or encroachments. Once you close, it is too late! There are many different types of surveys and a multitude of survey companies throughout Georgia. Our office can recommend multiple survey companies, and we can help determine the best type of survey, based on your specific needs.

We obtain a comprehensive title search to make sure the property is free and clear of any issues. The title search will trace the chain of ownership to identify the true owner and identify any liens or tax debts against the property. If problems arise, we will work diligently and expeditiously with all parties to resolve the issues prior to closing.

We will obtain a title insurance policy to protect your investment and give you and your family peace of mind. The cost is minimal and is only paid once. There are no renewal premiums, deductibles, or copays, and there’s no expiration date on the policy.